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Tanya Webster
Tanya Webster Nov 23 '18

I am standing in the shadow of a pine tree,

looking toward the dark blue Adriatic sea,

imagining your face covered with salty drops,

hair pulled back, and open arms,

happy smile on your face

eyes filled with stars.

Remove a veil from my memories,

push away moments of forgetfulness,

let me hear a million cicadas songs,

let me breath the fragrance of pine trees,

let me see swaying branches in the breeze,

let me see the sky in different colors.

You helped me find myself,

you opened gates to my inner self,

you pushed me forward to try,

now I am able to fly.

Your voice filled my day,

now I know I will obey,

hearing your words:

turn page and go forward.

Your compassion is now my devotion,

life worth living and loving.

Tatjana Webster, St Petersburg, October 2018

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