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Tanya Webster
Tanya Webster Mar 26 '19

Born in late March,

under stars of Southern sky,

you learned early

to fly to the North.

Lights and shadows played in your life,

gazing into your soul,

but you were free to fly

like gold-red rays of the sky.

Through the years,

you gave me a part of your strength

you stretched your hands toward me so many times,

poring your gifts of light.

We shared a colorful land of joys and sorrows

in the world full of surprise.

So many unknown things

you made known to me.

In how many places

you found room for me.

Like fallen petals of multicolored flowers,

blossoming during your life,

in the wet grass under your feet,

I wonder what stories they can tell.

From the turbulent sea

no matter how heavy load was

I knew you will reach the shore.

On the path we have to walk

will we be able to say words of content

and, yes,I think so.

Thunder passed and we found light

and strength to fly into the sky.

So many years had passed;

the colorful life of shadows and light,

rain had passed,a wave rose up in my heart

a wave of the sea without the shore.

Today we celebrate your life,

we bow our heads for your energy and strength,

for the warmth of your heart,

and I am so grateful having you in my life.

Your sister,Tanya,March 2018

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