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Tanya Webster
Tanya Webster Nov 11 '18

We both were happily covered with the mist of Niagara Falls as we walked along. We had experienced a new adventure together that would enrich our lives and memories forever.

O wonderful nature,
bring me scented breezes,
let me hear the thunder of the water,
bring me petals of colorful flowers,
let me feel your almighty powers,
bring me sense of freedom,
let me hear sounds of your kingdom.

I opened my heart to your power,
I brought you my precious flower,
I embraced you with ecstasy,
hugging you breathlessly.

Life hidden in the trees,
life blossoming in water lilies,
life flying like chirping birds,
life bringing me wisdom words.

I hear the song in my soul,
I see the colors of the rainbow,
I stretched my arms toward you,
O nature of my soul,
I am surrendering to you.

Tatjana Webster, Canada1998

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