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Tanya Webster
Tanya Webster Nov 13 '18

New poem, written after book manuscript finished--there will be more!

Whispering forest of dark shadows,

whispering leaves of dark forest,

whispering wishes of dark nights,

whispers of my desires,

come forward in the new dawning.

Don’t be afraid of the shadows dance,

don’t be afraid of the colors mosaic,

come forward to the sunlight,

come forward to the sky height.

Whispers peeping from the field’s flowers,

whispers hidden behind sky’s clouds,

whisper about the beauty of the world.

How many unknown whispers

you made known to me?

In how many places you found room for me?

How many whispers you brought to me

in my desire to embrace you.

Whispers filled my body and soul

in the motionless darkness,

in the blooming night desire,

in the world stored in my fire.

Tonight whispers are dancing shadows,

whispers are colorful desires,

in the body and the soul,

spreading throughout my whole being,

under a dark veil of the sky,

dancing faster and faster

in the whirlpool of desire,

coming in dark arrays

into my sight and my prayers.

Tatjana Webster, St Petersburg, 2018

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