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Tanya Webster
Tanya Webster Nov 25 '18

Sunlight shines through the rainbow,

sun glistening through the snow flakes flow,

barren tree branches slowly moving

in the winter beauty of the day.

We are on skis gliding across the field,

snow flakes covering us as a protective shield,

eyes are full of expectations,

energy flowing without expressions.

In one thousand nine hundred seventy three,

I thought we will feel free,

in our thoughts and movements,

in the middle of the winter miracle,

at the beginning of our life’s circle.

Later, sitting on the reindeer leather cover,

expecting each other to be a lover,

listening to the murmurs of the forest,

to be discovered,

sounds light like feather,

we didn’t know how to be together.

Miracles around us were flowing,

our thoughts endlessly growing,

searching answers mercilessly,

in the winter land endlessly.

Tatjana Webster, Sweden1974

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