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It was a balmy late fall afternoon in St. Petersburg, Florida. In the shadow of a crepe myrtle tree bursting with pink flowers, I was sitting outside Starbucks, drinking my espresso and watching a small black bird jumping about on the ground. Occasionally the bird would chirp cheerfully, finding pieces of food left on the pavement. I thought she was announcing to the other birds her findings; soon after another bird flew down to the pavement and started searching around.

I was looking at the birds thinking that fulfillment of our life’s wishes is a constant process. Some might never fulfill their dreams but their life would be full. This brought reflections like small pieces of mirror, each one holding brief images of the many events in one’s life. We may chose to see them as they are, many times to accept them with our mind and yet reject them with our heart. Reflections appear like birds in the sky and then they fly away leaving us wondering if we want to remember them or not.

The strong connection between mind and soul keeps them alive or hides them deep in our subconscious sometimes plunging to the depths of forgetting. One thing is sure, reflections never disappear. Many times they are remainders of the necessity of remembering events and people in our lives, reminding us to explore, looking back in order to obtain courage to go forward. It also helps us to realize that painful moments in everyone’s life can be transformed into stepping stones on our journey. They may open the gates to better understanding and acceptance of ourselves.

Watching the birds, many events from my life started appearing as reflections, images from my past. I realized I could easily relive feelings about life in the former Yugoslavia, England, Sweden and USA. So, I began writing.

Tales of the Leap